For Sellers

A) Having us out to do a market evaluation – we like to come out and “preview” your home prior to doing our work to give you marketing advise in order to get the top dollar for your home. We also go over agency with you.

B) Once we have had a preview we do our research with involves doing a title search to be knowledgeable on the properties history. We research LANDCOR and the MLS system to find comparable properties for sale and ones that have sold.

C) We schedule an appointment to discuss any questions you might have on agency. The Market Evaluation is reviewed to determine what your property will bring if brought on the market

D) Review our Unique Marketing Advantage. This booklet will outline our plan to sell your property. The booklet details our print, internet, social media and specialty advertising. We use 3D photography giving the buyers and incredible view of your home 24/7 the only this missing is the smells. Drone photography is also used if the location permits and a professional floor plan is done of your home.

  • If you are happy with our services we discuss when we will launch your home for sale. We give you time to stage your home and have access to professional stagers if required.
  • The next step is listing your home. This requires all of the details of your home to be put in print. At this time we will have you fill in a Property Disclosure Statement. Once back to the office your listing is broker loaded to give it immediate access to the market.
  • Showing. We personally set up all showing of you home and once the appointment is done we track down the selling agent to get feedback on the showing. That way we can give it to you in a timely manner.
  • The Final Step: The Offer
    Once on offer comes through we coach you through the process of reviewing, making sure your best interests are looked after and that we get you top market value.
  • Your cheque gets delivered to you and the new owner moves in. We ask for your feedback as our business has been built on referrals from people like you.