Military and RCMP Buyers

  • We have helped 100’s of military and RCMP officers over the many years we have been in business.
  • We are an approved Brookfield provider and are used to the protical required in helping families relocate.
  • Prior to your arrival we will discuss agency with and decide what will best work for you.  We are here to make your buying experience an enjoyable one
  • We recommend you get pre-approved for financing prior to your HHT.
  • Next we will get the criteria of what you want to have so we can se you up on private client services. This will automatically send you a list of properties and then update the list daily so you can see the properties as they hit the market.
  • Prior to arrival we can discuss the properties best suited for you so the appointment can be set up for your arrival.
  • Upon arrival we will have your properties lined up for your viewing. We find that 8-10 homes is a good selection in a day – so we continue showing you homes over a few day period – it will depend on the time of year and how many homes are in your price range – All inspections can be pre arranged to work with your tight time frame. We can supply you with a list of inspectors to choose from.


Once a home is picked we draft up an offer with you.

Offer conditions we would recommend:

  • Financing
  • Title Search
  • Home Inspection – Wett inspection (If there is a chimney)
  • Plot Plan
  • Insurance
  • Property disclosure statement

Accepted Offer

  • We now arrange your mortgage
  • A home inspection needs to be arranged – Wett inspection if there is a chimney
  • Review title search
  • Arrange Insurance
  • Review Site Plan
  • Review property disclosure statement

Subject Removal

  • Once all conditions are met we can remove conditions

Move in Date (Possession Date)

  • We will have the key ready for you on possession date

After Care

  • We keep you in touch with the market and its conditions
  • We also can send you our monthly market update with stats on the local market
  • We have a annual client appreciation event with entertainment you will be invited to

We build our business by referral so we hope you will help us by recommending us to your friends and family.

Note: for your HHT bring shoes that are slip on easy to take on and off as well as a light waterproof jacket