Step #6: Moving Day

Plan Your Move

In order to have your move go as smoothly as possible, there are a number of things you should do in advance. There will be utility companies to contact, change of address not ificati ons, booking movers, etc. To assist, refer to our moving checklist located on pages 29 & 30 of this booklet. For our clients, we have a courtesy moving trailer that you are welcome to use.

On the Actual Closing Day

It's a day filled with nervous anticipation. This is the day on which all of the legal and financial promises in the offer are met. It's the day when you get the keys and begin a new phase in your life. Your lawyer and our Team will give you all of the details on steps and timings. All of the small details will be taken care of ahead of time, so in most cases it will be just a day of waiting by the phone.

Also, remember that this is a hectic day for the seller, too! Very often its moving day and they're trying to gather all of their belongings to leave as the purchaser are trying to move in.

Your lawyer pays the vendor, registers the home in your name and we arrange the delivery of your keys.

Congratulations, you are a home owner!